22.06.19 | Re-coding Mythology: a forum theatre & ritual laboratory

Re-coding Mythology: a forum theatre & ritual laboratory

A 2-hour ritualistic experiment using findings from the Radical Anthropology Group and techniques of the ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ to explore alternative narratives that could illustrate the beginnings (and implicit ending) of patriarchy.

How was power seized from women in early, egalitarian hunter gatherer societies and how can we use this knowledge to reintegrate with ‘nature’?

Lunarchy is holding space for womxn and allies to ignite our intuitive and imaginative faculties: sensing the relationship between our bodies and the land, playing out primordial paradigm shifts and co-creating an embodied language for ecological violence and resistance. We suspect that only through excavating and personifying the shadows of the past, can we better model and inhabit emancipatory politics of the future.

Facilitators: Bea Xu and Taila Hewitt

Heal Her London: The Art & Ritual of Protest is an art and activism festival supporting environmental justice and women’s empowerment. Heal Her features programming for all levels of experience whether you’re an artist seeking political engagement, an activist seeking creative protest strategies, a trauma survivor seeking healing, or a newcomer to all of the above.

Support our mission of gender and environmental justice by donating to www.gofundme.com/heal-her-feminist-art-activism-festival! Our programming is offered on a free/donation-basis to allow everyone access regardless of income. Your monetary support makes our work possible.

Want to get involved, facilitate a workshop, or perform at an event? Email healherproject@gmail.com! Our initiative relies on the support of local artists, leaders, and volunteers of all kinds.

Events are open to all genders, identities, and experience levels.

Heal Her is a global action for healing and prevention of sexual violence. Meeting in talking circles worldwide, we create rituals for storytelling, consciousness-raising, empathetic listening, and collective healing. Working with artistic facilitators, therapists, and healers, we provide creative and holistic methods for addressing sexual trauma. We have held events and festivals in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, and Mexico City. Our work has been supported with grants from the Burning Man Global Arts Fund and Daza Filmes, which featured the project in a documentary on artists combating gender-based violence.


Cover image by Bea Xu

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