You Drive, I’ll Detonate – May 2014

May 2014 – You Drive, I’ll Detonate

Private View: Thursday 1st May 2014, 7-11pm

Opening Times: 2nd May – 2nd June 2014, 9am-5pm Daily

Free entry

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An exhibition by Suzie Zabrowska aka Susan Supercharged. Enter into an environment which is explores symbols, documents, portals, pyschogeography, through the collaging of painting, photography and graphics. Examining the flexibility of space and time, and isolation, the journey starts from an ancient invitation from Nasa, to a walk through a dystopic near-future Hackney Wick; seeking beauty and direction and making sense of the order from disorder, and historical coincidences. The moment when everything familiar becomes unfamiliar.

Susan Supercharged developed from a real life trauma, in which it became absolutely essential to find super human strength. “I had no interest whatsoever in comics, but I was compelled by the mythology, marks, the weight and thrust of the lines. I began experimenting with these forms, breaking them down to see if I could steal the power of the lines and manipulate them. To see if in its most abstract state, that super power would exist. These became the Explosion Series, ‘The Life Codes’, where the Burroughs’s method of repeated images become laden with meaning, and geometric motifs occur and signpost the next portal, some created on purpose, and some occurring spontaneously to the viewer.

Artist Bio

Suzie Zabrowska aka Susan Supercharged studied Painting at the University of Wisconsin, she quickly fled to New York City, where she became a fixture on the East Village Art, Music and Fashion scenes in the 1980’s. She made paintings at the Arts Students League, performed, and made Super 8 films. (Whilst dancing in a window at Fiorucci’s she met Andy Warhol and was zipped up to the Factory to act in his TV show, “ Fifteen Minutes”.)

Suzie Zabrowska’s entire collection of Black and White Films were entered into the permanent collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1991. She continues to explore painting, filming and sound, and has recently worked on projects as diverse as films/soundtrack for an Opera, a soundscape for the Museum at F.I.T., and creating a film room for the Miami Art and Design Museum. Suzie relocated to London in 1997, and works from her studio in Hackney Wick. She figures she’s about the 13:25 minute mark of fame, and is currently very interested in things that explode.
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