XIBALBA | 30th July 2018


Visual SyNTHAX

Solo exhibition by Jamiu Agboke

Launch Monday 30th July, 6pm, free entry
Open 31st July, 1st Aug and 2nd Aug, free entry 

“My practice is centred on the dissection of visual syntax of our surroundings and its relation to the human condition. Breaking down our programming, the hardware and software that governs how we see ourselves. Hence the emphasis on entropy, through the dismantling or destruction of ideas of self/identity, lies at the centre of my practice. 

My application and process derive predominantly from social semiotics and the human form, which are the precursor to my work and the main mediums for building and storing the code of self perception. Social semiotics and the human form is also our way of signalling to the groups we want to be associated with in attraction; socio economic standing, ethnicity etc. They are the emojis or hieroglyphs of the physical world.

Adopting the same principles that govern the laws of nature – where equilibrium is present in the form of constant Decomposition; Destruction, Darwinian Natural selection, malthusian Economics. 

All these facets act as catalysts for reevaluating notions of myself and the ideas that I am attached to. I don’t seek to strip things away in order to create some contrived edifice of purity or eliteness, my purpose in this is to converse and connect intimately with the impulses that drive us to make statements about ourselves and to embellish conceal or align ourselves through dress jewellery and our relationship with objects, body language and colour. In fact we have expanded into the world so that almost nothing is free of some form of signalling value.”


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