Wake – June 2013


Join us at Stour Space this June for ‘Wake’, Ellen Tovey’s first London-based solo exhibition in connection with Time Out First Thursdays.

Private View: Thursday 6th June 2013 | 7pm onwards
Opening Hours: 7th June – 1st July 2013 | 9am – 5pm daily

In this collection of retrospective and current large scale paintings and drawings, Ellen Tovey is compelled to visually explore and express the intangible. Ever enticed by the play of light and shadow, the exhibition includes a projected time lapse video showing the creation of her recent graphite drawing, WAKE.

Artist Statement

“In the past I have been compelled to paint from a need to relate the experience of living, and to question my
relationship to the self. Face paint and costume have been used in my imagery to mask and unveil meaning. This has come from a desire to break facades and to look for some truth. I am drawn to presence, and concerned with expressing something of the inner being in my figurative work. This challenges me to express visually the intangible through the medium of paint. I have repeatedly created work that encapsulates duplicity and so it’s very natural for me to be attracted to the landscape that I find myself in. The large urban geometric structures framing the natural organic form.

My work now is fuelled by a sense of wonder and has a more forward motion. Increasingly I am led by a feeling and energy that reflects the intensity of the life I see around me full of vibrant singing color, It is always the play of light and its contrasting shadow that entices me to paint.

My process…Thoughts, images, blurred symbolism begin to hang around me like a haunting, out of direct view. Through a process of contemplation, reading, being in galleries and libraries taking in impressions and collecting imagery, the ideas begin to brew. At this stage I start to sketch, and then photograph models. I paint the characters in natural sunlight, as it’s an important part of my imagery to see the play of light and shade echoing the light and shadow of the content. My paintings are often made up of layers of colored glazes over a drawing and under painting.”

The Private View of ‘Wake’ takes place on Thursday 6th June 2013, from 7-11pm. There will be a selection of drinks from Crate Brewery and The Counter Cafe. Admission is free.

More at www.ellentovey.co.uk

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