Traces In The City | 18th January 2018

Traces In The City

Found Objects & Traces of Humans in the City is a series of photographs and poems by Sara Kärpänen exploring the lines between private and public in an urban environment.

Opens 18th January 2018, 7-10pm, free entry

Daily 19th-29th January, 9am-5pm, free entry

The photographs focus on the details we pass by and leave behind: food leftovers, half drunk glasses of wines, empty bags of drugs, receipts, condom wraps, underwear—personal, everyday signs of other citizens. These objects give us glimpses into other people’s’ lives, they are the physical traces and memories of others who were there before us.

Sara is interested in alternative ways of looking and using the urban space and re-imagining the everyday life. Her photography practice stems from the dérive technique (eng. drifting)—a term used by Guy Debord and the avantgarde art group Situationist International—that encourages us to think and use the urban landscape aimlessly and outside of its planned architectural function. By photographing the randomly found objects and signs of the other citizens, Sara aims to make visible the lines between private and public of our everyday lives.

What traces do we leave behind? Do the objects tell us narratives of other people’s lives? Do the traces isolate or connect us with the other “strangers”? The photos, taken around her everyday paths in Dalston and Hackney, are combined with Sara’s poems and notes on solitude and the need to connect with one another.

Sara Kärpänen (1987) is a Finnish-born writer and a visual artist. She has an MA in Visual Culture and Art in Public Space. She has collaborated with architects, street artists and exhibited her work in Porto (Portugal), London and Helsinki. Sara lives and works in East London.

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