These Small Things – October 2015

‘These Small Things’

by Cydney Cosette Holm

Stour Space is proud to present photographer Cydney Cosette Holm’s debut solo exhibition, ‘These Small Things’.

Private View: Thursday 1st October 2015, 7-10pm – RSVP on Facebook
Opening Hours: 2nd Oct – 2nd Nov, 9am-5pm daily

‘These Small Things’ takes a closer look at details that make up much larger scenes and memories. Each single object exists on its own as a complex form and was removed from a multiplex mechanism that was its original setting.

“By isolating and flattening these fragments, I am attempting to digest my surroundings and understand where I fit within them. Each ‘small thing’ was extracted from a mixture of significant and mundane situations that captured my intrigue. The mundane has become more significant because of the attention paid to the details, and the significant has become more mundane because it’s surrounding story has been erased. I’m not sure this is a project that could ever end, but it has lead me to realise that even the smallest detail is much bigger than I’ll ever know, and I’m so much smaller than I’ll ever realise.” Cydney Cosette Holm
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