The Passerby – October 2013

‘The Passerby’ by Sana Khan & Cybil Scott

Private View: Thursday 3rd October 2013 | 7-11pm
Opening Hours: 4th October – 4th November 2013 | 9am-5pm daily

Running as part of the Art Licks Weekend 2013 >>

Inspired and fascinated by fleeting moments of time which she attempts to capture through the lens of her camera and cleverly staged set design, Sana Khan’s photographic compositions best display her desperate attempts of struggling to attain comfort between the oscillating realms of moments of pure bliss to periods of deep isolation.

Existing as a contemplative passerby entranced between these parallel universes, it is this grappling with the ephemeral nature of life which fuels her dark and mysterious interpretations, while simultaneously providing a playful and idiosyncratic glimpse into the mind of a spectator who wishes they could experience it all! While holding on ever so tightly to her precious observations, she carefully takes the time to construct an atmosphere which perfectly complements her inward visions. Combining this with characters of all shapes and sizes, intrinsic animalistic elements (both dead and alive) and her photographic talent, she allusively illustrates a scene which allures and entices casual observers to re- evaluate life’s possibilities.

Aiming to offer unique and thoughtful insight, reminding others, and herself, to not take situations so seriously, because after all we are just merely passing by.

To compliment Sana Khan’s romantic yet dark photographic portrayals, ‘The Passerby’ will also feature unique works from American artist Cybil Scott.

As contemporary generations continue to engage with technology at a rapid rate in both an individual and collective way, her idiosyncratic execution of collaged poetic patterns and abstract forms composed on translucent paper, allows for an interesting reflection from observers to engage with how our everyday ‘passerby’ experiences relate in both the physical and virtual realm.
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