Strange Attractors – June 2014

June 2014 – Strange Attractors

Private View: Thursday 5th June 2014 | 7-11pm
Opening Hours: 6th-30th June | 9am-5pm FREE ENTRY

STRANGE ATTRACTORS – Press Release – June 2014

Strange Attractors by Jamie Shaw is a mathematical concept describing fractal structure and patterns that occur in bounded chaotic systems in nature. The weather is one of the most familiar examples of this, prediction can only be made in the short term and there is a high sensitivity to initial conditions. Over the long term, there are too many variables, you can’t predict too far ahead no matter how much information you start with. However, there are patterns in the weather, the system is bounded; seasons, prevailing winds, and monsoons can be roughly predicted year after year, there is an embedded structure.

In Jamie’s work, spatial structure, emptiness, patterns and forms are drawn out of initially chaotic processes, and go through multiple cycles of disarray and reconfiguration, often with the surface being reoriented during the process. These overlapping, nearly stable elements settle at a moment between certain destruction and totally unambiguous form.

This mimics nature at the micro level, where things exist in multiple potential states of creation and decay. The patterns that occur through material interactions, seen best close up, reveal aerial views and miniature landscapes, polarising the imaginary scale against the actual distance from the image and inviting viewers to take a closer look.

This is his first solo show in London and spans 6 years of experimentation with abstract painting on canvas, paper and wood. It also includes his first sculptural paintings. For more information on strange attractors, Jamie recommends starting here: – Stanford lecture on Chaos and Reductionism, outlines strange attractors, as well as an interesting history of scientific approaches to understanding nature, in a clear and uncomplicated way.

* Strange Attractors was selected for Time Out First Thursdays Top 5 Exhibitions for June *

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