ROOM 55: Room Service – August 2014

ROOM 55: Room Service

ROOM 55 presents ROOM SERVICE: POP UP LIVE STUDIO at Stour Space

18th August – 1st September 2014, 9am-5pm daily.

A collaboration which became a label which became a micro-world. Welcome.

ROOM 55 is a label that creates its mini-collections through a unique collaboration
process in which both girls decide a concept and theme of research.

Gabi, a Visual Artist, then hand renders collages using photography and found imagery. Nathalie, a Tailor by trade, simultaneously designs the garments and accessories. Gabi then digitally renders her collages and produces abstract films in which Nathalie lifts stills, or moments, to inform the print on the pieces, which are produced in short runs in the studio they share. The idea is creating closer bonds between the wearer as they have a limited edition piece and can ‘watch their dress’. A wearable print is created just as you would see on a gallery wall.

For this reason, at R55 we think the process is as important as the product. We wanted to share our world with you. Invite you in for a look around. Give an opportunity to ask questions.

Over the course of this POP-UP LIVE STUDIO we wanted to let our exhibitionist sides come out. Come watch us work, takes photos if you like. Find out about a technique you may not know much about. Laugh at our occasional procrastination. We are a young newly started label with lots to learn but certainly enjoying the ride.

Always remember to live and work – HARD. LONG. CRAZY but FUN.
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