Processes | 27th Nov


From 27 November to 10 December 2018, Stour Space will be exhibiting Processes, a multidisciplinary exhibition that considers the act of playful mark-making and creative experiments at its core. Processes exhibits works by noted artists Demi Overton, Samuel Stokes, Damien Borowik, Christine Wilkinson and Christabel Balfour that explore the notion of creative practice through varying mediums in a range of scales. By shining a light on the aesthetics of process-driven artworks, Processes dismantles the notion that all art needs to represent one polished concept or narrative to be considered successful. Instead, Processes celebrates playful elements of the artistic process and the evocative nature of visual experiments and creative hurdles.

Launch 27th November, 7-10pm, free entry

Open daily until 10th Dec (please note the building is closed 4th and 8th Dec)

About the artists:

Demi Overton works with paper to draw fine sculptures by embedding marks and pinpricks on the page. Her explorative work responds to the relationship between art and nature, which she investigates by recreating patterns and forms from the natural world. Through aesthetic experiments, Demi’s works speak to the fragility of the human condition and environment.

Damien Borowik explores the act of mark-making through a combination of digital processes, new technology, and fine art materials. Designing and creating machines that he then sets with a bespoke algorithm means that Damien’s portfolio is completely driven by the process behind each individual piece. Damien’s ability to merge new and old technology with mark-making techniques allows him to continuously experiment and explore new outputs which is central to Processes’ narrative.

Christine Wilkinson distorts photographic negatives to the point of no recognition. Christine extracts abstract elements of each negative and saturates them with colour to create a final image that is built up of layers of shapes and colours. Each piece is created through an organic process of trial and error to create the most striking visual image that becomes the final piece.

Samuel Stokes is a ceramicist whose work is inspired by his time on the West Cornwall coast. His sculptural ceramic forms are process driven from the transformation of the clay on the wheel through to sculpting and carving each piece before being left to dry for a period of time. This, paired with bisque-firing and glazing with a spray and fired again at a higher temperature, lends his pieces a natural and organic aesthetic shaped by each piece.

Christabel Balfour is a tapestry weaver who creates large scale works that take on a sculptural form. Christabel creates forms that are simple in their design and nature. Her large scale pieces are visually pared down to communicate a sense of place and meaning in a minimal manner that can take on a life of  their own when on the loom. Working in this framework, Christabel’s explorative sculptural tapestries meet at the intersection of art, function and form.

This exhibition is curated by Claire Dalgleish. Claire is an independent arts curator and writer based in East London. Claire’s curatorial practice draws connections between contemporary visual cultural and aesthetic trends that reinforce the power art has to challenge conventions and write social commentary. Her curatorial approach has evolved through her experience working on large-scale exhibitions and projects at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, the Design Museum, London, and S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney.

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