Press & Pull 2 – November 2013

Press & Pull 2

PRIVATE VIEW Thursday 7th November 2013 | 7-11pm | FREE ADMISSION

OPENING TIMES 8th November – 2nd December 2013 | 9am-5pm Daily

‘Press & Pull 2’ showcases the continual explorative works of Printmaker James Brown & Silkscreen Artist Kate Gibb. The Prints created are informal, playful and simply an opportunity to be creative, free from commercial constraints. Five years on from ‘Press & Pull 1’, this second instalment shows a body of prints that reflects both artist’s current obsessions & intuitive relationships towards their own practice.

James Brown (Press)

Each lino cut  represents a letter of the alphabet, so twenty six in total. All artworks are printed in two colours but engineered so as to only use one plate to create each piece.

The first colour is applied, then the lino plate is rotated 90 or 180 degrees & the second colour is over-layed.  Depending on the letter, the first colour printed is either half of the finished character or acts as a background texture.

Playing with levels of the inks opacity allows a third colour to be be created or not and is vital to the readability of each letter.

– –

Kate Gibb (Pull)

Predominantly all of the prints shown at Stour Space are part of Kate’s continual exploration of the silkscreen process.

Referred to as ‘test prints’, each piece is over-layed with colour & texture and is a subtle variant of the piece before.

They serve to highlights the inherent qualities of the silkscreen process in its purest form, playing simply with routine shapes and block colour.

Like James’s alphabetical works, a large part of the prints here have been created around the manipulation of one set of shapes & reflects the diversity achievable from playing with variants in opacities & pressure of the ink applied.


James Brown is an illustrator and printmaker living and working in London. Trained as a textile and surface print designer, he worked in the clothing industry for 10 years producing print designs for numerous brands from Levis to Louis Vuitton. After two years at Hope & Glory menswear he embarked on a new career as an illustrator in 2007. James Brown has been commissioned to produce work by publishing houses, magazines and newspapers as well as advertising and design agencies. Recent clients include The Poetry Society, The Guardian, The Bishopsgate Institute and Faber & Faber. In 2011 James lovingly produced two babies books for Walker Books, ‘Shiney Touch Farm’ and ‘Peep Through Shapes’ Alongside his commercial practice he produces limited edition screen prints and linocuts using traditional techniques. The prints reflect his interest in the printed and typographic ephemera of pop culture. James has recently just produced his second commissioned print for the V&A Shop.

Kate Gibb has worked as a Printmaker & Illustrator from her makeshift print studio in Paddington, for over fifteen years, a silkscreen obsessive, her early studies in Printed Textiles fuelled her love for colour & pattern which still provides the basis for the majority of her current practice.
The kind of printing she is inspired by relies on chance, hiccups & happy accidents to provide the inherent qualities that makes up each piece.
Technically her practice is predominantly self taught, intuitive and continually evolving. Concentrating mainly on the creation of one-off pieces, when not working to a brief. Commercially she is renowned for her Music related sleeve artwork, most notably for her long standing relationship with The Chemical Brothers.
Non-commercially she continues to explores the silkscreen process, its tactile nature and subtle nuances achieved highlighting many characteristics typical of her one-off pieces. “I love the Silkscreen process and never seem to tire of it. Work is play to me for the majority of the time, for the rest it is a way of life”.
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