An open exhibition of art works by self-identifying Nasty Women to be held at Stour Space, Hackney Wick in London. The exhibition will be free to attend and all works will be for sale to raise funds for End Violence Against Women. Prices will range from £5 to £100.

22nd-24th September 2017

Alongside the exhibition we will be running a programme of comedy, music, art performance and discussion events. See website and updates here for line-up and details


Nasty Women is a global art movement that serves to demonstrate solidarity among artists who identify with being a Nasty Woman in the face of threats to roll back women’s rights, individual rights, and abortion rights. With over 40 events across the globe Nasty Women Exhibitions also serve to support organizations defending these rights and to be a platform for organization and resistance.


Here in the United Kingdom we too are shocked by recent events and the resulting rise in misogyny and intolerance. From the sexist newspaper headline ‘Legs-it’ commenting on May and Sturgeon’s Brexit talks, bosses demanding female employees wear high heels, to death and rape threats for simply lobbying to have Jane Austen on the £10 banknote, we have witnessed enough.  Now we face the danger of a government that is seeking to align itself with the homophobic, anti-abortion DUP in Northern Ireland.  This is a pivotal time in politics, culture and our country’s history. We are in danger of losing hard won rights. We will not be pushed back 50 years. So it’s time to make some noise.


The first historic Nasty Women event was held in New York, USA on 12-15th Jan 2017. It was started by Roxanne Jackson and Jessamyn Fiore with a facebook post that read: Hello female artists/curators! Lets organize a NASTY WOMEN group show!!! Who’s interested??? 
The massive response has taken this call to arms into building an ever-expanding network of Nasty Women Artists & Art Organizers that will culminate in multiple exhibitions. Please visit Other Nasty Venues for more details on organizing an exhibition in your city.



Do you stand for women’s rights? Are you a woman with an opinion? Want to share your voice? Any artist self-identifying as a Nasty Woman is welcome to submit work on the theme ‘Nasty Women’.  The works will be sold with all the profits going to raise funds for End Violence Against Women.  Prices will range from £5 to £100.

1 – All artworks must be no larger than A3 in dimension. 3D, video and installation work considered, space permitting.
2 – On the back should be written the name, address and contact details of the artist as well as the title of the work.
3 – Include an artist statement about yourself/the work. This should be no more than 200 words long.
4 – If you have exhibited before please included your exhibition history.
5 – Include any twitter, instagram or other social media handles if you would like us to link to you.
6– Please, if possible, email your details and statement to let us know you are sending in a work. Thank you.

Works may either be sent by post (recorded delivery if you require proof of receipt) or brought in to:
Nasty Women
Stour Space
FAO: Coby Walsh/Jelica Obican
7 Roach Road
E3 2PA

The submissions deadline is Saturday 19th August 2017.


Who can submit work?
The event is open to anyone who supports women’s rights or is a female with an opinion.  Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a ‘nasty woman’ merely for being strong and giving her opinion. You don’t need to be an activist just someone who wants to share their point of view.  We want to hear your voice.
I sent in my work. Will I be notified when it arrives?
No, we are unable to notify every artist about the delivery of their work to Stour Space. If you need proof of delivery then choose a shipping service with tracking or confirmed delivery.
Will my work be displayed?
We will do our best to include artwork that is submitted. However we reserve the right to accept or reject any work for inclusion in the show.
Will I be notified if my work sells?
Our aim is to inform every artist about the sale of their work. Please bear with us and our volunteer staff.
Where will the proceeds go?
100% of the profits will go to End Violence Against Women. If you can’t make the event but would still like to donate please click here.
How can I volunteer?
If you are keen to get involved get in contact via and write ‘Volunteer’ in the subject line.  Whatever you can offer we are happy to hear from you.
What are my intellectual property rights regarding work I submit?
The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in and to work, will remain the property of the artist.  Enquiries in relation to such rights will be referred to the artist. So far as any rights in the work are owned by a third party that third party will remain the owner of such rights in and to the work. The exhibition organisers have the right to copy and/or reproduce the work and to communicate and/or issue such copies to the public in connection with the exhibition, for advertising the sale of the work, for educational and public workshops, and for general marketing or promotional purposes, and other related activities, including without limitation the incorporation of images of the work within promotional and marketing materials, postcards, catalogues, posters, DVDs, on exhibition organisers’ websites, in workshop presentations and on information screens throughout the exhibiting gallery and any media now known or hereafter devised.