DYS-WIK – March 2013


Bryce Louw’s peculiar interpretations of darkness and depravity were never going to be a run-of-the-mill set of images. Stour Space celebrates one of East London’s most hedonistic illustrators.

Private View: Thursday 7th March 7pm onwards
Open 8th March – 1st April 2013 9am-5pm daily

The world is a very different place once you’ve stepped foot in to one of Hackney’s most exciting illustrators. The new show entitled, Dys-Wik aims to take this Dystopian Hackney Wick exhibition away from any form of industrialization and in to the undisclosed dreamscapes of Bryce Louw’s mind.

A million miles away from the 23 year-olds Blue-Bottle upbringings on Durban beach, South Africa. His work, told in meticulous detail, speaks stories of bestiality, entrapment, skateboarding, and East-End thug culture. The new burgeoning website maxeroo.co.uk, (name taken from buddy Sheldon’s alias), closely monitors and posts Bryce’s most insane interpretations.

Some of his most powerful pieces are frighteningly detailed; it’s hard to imagine how he sat down to start. “I need to find some music to listen to that’ll feed my state of mind. Sometimes I’ll just be on it and will slam something down without really even thinking about it, on the other hand, sometimes I really have to work at developing a concept or idea before I begin”.

Drawing inspiration from his absurd, and hectic dreams, Bryce admits to be, ‘exhausted after being immersed in the zone’. “Sometimes I’ve lost hours having disappeared into a piece, but that’s pretty rewarding”, Bryce adds.

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