Welcome to Dreamland / Against Perfection – June 2011

Welcome to Dreamland / Against Perfection

A 2 person exhibition by Kerry Simmons and Oliver David

Private View: Thursday 2nd June 2011, 6 – 10pm

Open 12 -6pm from 3rd – 23rd June 2011

Working methodically in self imposed isolation Simmons seeks to express the transcendental beauty of the urban landscape. A series of images removed from context, Welcome to Dreamland charts her solitary journey through Mongolia as one of aesthetic experience and observation.

In contrast David’s unpremeditated, street photography seeks to represent the ambiguous, unclear and ugly aspects of the everyday. Against Perfection sets itself against the Utopian imagery of billboards and magazines and reiterates the possibility of things being other than they are.

As well as being a showcase for the two individual photographers, the exhibition invites the viewer to consider the gamut of photographic possibility and to reflect on their own relationship to the photographic image.

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