Intuition | April 2018


This exhibition sees Ben and Gunther arrive in the same space for an exhibition but having originated from two separate starting points. “We noticed that our work shares similar values and interests – abstract expressionism and intuition. Our paintings of “Self” sparked the idea of coming together and showing some of our recent works”. With this in mind it’s fair to say that the drive for this joint exhibition is simply our mutual love and passion for expressionistic interpretations of what is within you.

Launch Thursday 19th April, 6-10pm, free entry

Open daily 20th April – 3rd May, 9am-5pm, free entry

Ben Wakeling

I am particularly interested in studying the body and it’s beautiful imperfections, which then takes me towards capturing the intensive complexities of peoples mental health and state of mind. Over the past few years my visual language has grown and evolved out of mental health institutions and painting alongside patients in studios I’ve set up. This (organic at times) path helped birth an idea – a amalgamation of delivering a programme that offers an innovative project that uses creativity to reinforce recovery, promote peer support and enhance wellbeing to mental health patients as well as creating London’s first mental health art and music gallery. 

Our delivery, alongside University of East London, Haringey council and NHS Barnet, Enfield and Haringey mental health trust and Outsider Gallery helped build foundations to expressively explore my mind and mental health state.

Gunther Jancke

I paint how I feel. Not what I think, not what I see, but what I naturally feel. I discovered abstract expressionism as an intuitive and honest way to dig deeper into my emotions. I try to capture those emotions and through that tell my personal story in aesthetic, colourful ways. Those are stories of my feelings, sometimes my inner voices, my worries and wonders. When I go into my studio here at Stour Space, I take time to listen to myself. I lean in, not against. I spend time to embrace my emotions and imagine colours, shapes and structures. Whatever I can catch and capture, whatever is hidden, simmering or buried in myself, I let it come out through lines, streams, drops and squirts. From “Deep” to “Soul Searching” or “How We Are Wired”, my various embodiments of visible emotions, sometimes camouflaging, sometimes like grids, they all aim to capture my senses and your imaginations.

I call my style Intuitive Expressionism. I paint to connect with my “other” side. Joy, excitement, confusion or melancholy – through energetic synergies of colours, I keep exploring the depth of my feelings with all of their facets. Dozens of intimate manifestations of “me”. This show invites you to join the kaleidoscope of my emotional microcosm to perhaps uncover some of your hidden secrets.
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