Hot Dog | 23rd August

Hot Dog 

Welcome to the mind of Inari Sirola and her brand new exhibition: ‘Hot Dog’.

Not the delicious American treat with a sausage, we are talking about dogs. The first major overview of Finnish illustrator Inari Sirola sees the illustration of 10 dogs in total, each representing a certain beauty type, with a twist.
Launch night: 7PM, August 23rd, free entry
The launch night will see a live performance by Fang Night and DJ set from biLLLy + special guests tba.
Open daily 24th Aug – 6th September, 9am-5pm, free entry
Beauty is a very hot topic at the moment, especially now as the #MeToo movement and feminism delve further into mainstream discussion. In creating the work Inari asked “Gender roles are becoming more vague and we are transitioning into a time where you can choose your identity without (well, less) cultural pressure. How does beauty fit in with these new values, and what were the values in the first place?”
We all see beauty in different ways, and we also have strong stereotypes around them. They are as far-reaching as, well, dogs. Problems with racism, sexism etc are often hidden in the most banal details of our culture, and this is one of them. Inari has approached these tough topics with humour, creating an experience and igniting conversation whilst of course simply enjoying the ridiculous pun behind it all.
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