Giving Something Back – September 2013

‘Giving Something Back’

Join us this September at Stour Space to celebrate the charismatic photographic work of internationally renowned, Israeli born London based artist Ben Hopper.

Private View Thursday 5th September 2013, 6:00pm-11:00pm. Free entry

Opening Times 6th-30th September 2013, 9:00am-5:00pm daily. Free entry

Currently working in Hackney Wick, this unique and multi-faceted exhibition ‘Giving Something Back’ will feature a concentrated collection of three of his latest ongoing projects. Rather than a standard solo show, Hopper has chosen to utilize the free flowing space of Stour Space to ignite an intertwining breadth which successfully characterizes the essence of Hopper’s intentions – to give something back. His works, both individually and collaboratively aims to give something back to both the community which fosters his artistic career and to the creative individuals, whom have supported and inspired him along the way.

One of the first layers of the show is a project called “Dancers on Rooftops”; inspired by dancers and unique rustic rooftops ranging from Hackney Wick in East London to Tel Aviv in Israel, “Wherever there’s a rooftop, a dancer and a camera”. He eloquently and organically captures dancers in mid-pose as they embrace the rawness of the rooftops or the city skylines which aid in fostering and harboring their creative career. ‘Dancers on Rooftops’ features 2 of my greatest loves; dance and rooftops. The different perspective you receive when you’re on the top of a building has always fascinated me. The toned beautiful bodies of the dancers make a perfect combination.”

His subtle yet enticing perspective offers an insightful view into what it means to ‘dance’ on both the metaphorical and literal cityscapes that make up whichever geographical area we choose to call home.

Simultaneously weaved within these alluring portraits, ‘Giving Something Back’ will also feature a preview to ‘The Illustrated’ – collaborations with well known illustrators such as Broken Fingaz collective, Harry Yeff (aka beatboxer Reeps One), Alex ‘Twiy’ Chappell and Iain Macarthur whom organically pump a deeper and even greater eccentric burst of life into his already reflective interpretations of what it truly means to be a visionary in the contemporary international arts scene.

The last, but certainly not least, intrinsic element of this show, ‘Hackney Wick Portraits’ seamlessly captures the intimate and delightfully humorous nature of the artistic and creative personalities who roam the streets of Hackney Wick on a diurnal basis. These idiosyncratic portraits collectively thread together the fabric which helps to characterize the colourful Hackney Wick, a community which any artist would be proud to be a part of. This show arouses, titillates, and engages the senses on multiple dimensions, and is sure to be a Stour Space September spectacular you will not want to miss!

Artist statement:
My experiences of working in Hackney Wick has been enriching from day one. I’ve been lucky to befriend and work with some great individuals around these pockets of East London. This show is a firm nod of gratitude towards this eclectic neighborhood as well as the collaborations with some of the world’s top graphic artists and dancers.

Hackney Wick is a special place full of inspiration, quirkiness, fascinating individuals from all walks of life and every corner of the planet. Art is its lifeblood running through its arteries. My work has been informed by this spirit. I’ve had countless and unique opportunities to expose my work that I wouldn’t have had elsewhere. For all this I feel indebted to Hackney Wick. This is my way of giving something back.
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