Decadence / the transformation of being – February 2013

Decadence / the transformation of being

Marcos Juncal’s technicolour exhibition, celebrating one of East London’s most nonsensical artists.

Private View: Feb 7th, 6 – 10pm
Open: Feb 7th – March 4th 2013

Take one look at Juncal’s portfolio and you’d think the artist behind it came out of the womb in Gaga heels and a bright pink afro. You’d be wrong. Actually the Spanish, wholesome and beardley man, grew up in Galicia, Spain, experiencing a somewhat more monochrome childhood. With the discovery of all things sci-fi, comic conventions, David Lynch’s paintings, and a collection of cult club merchandise, Marcos has rebelled against his Castro Cultural youth with an explosion of plaster, and pvc. Outrageous cross-species Barbie dogs, a life size Spiderman, and absurd Rubik’s Cubes held by golden geisha’s, are just a few parts of his latest exhibition.

If you’re part of any kind of London’s East End culture club you may have caught his Unveiled Series at Cultivate, Vyner Street. The huge yellow, blue and red(ish) missile – entitled Exploita, Explotame, Explo, are also in the mix for the new exhibition at Stour Space.

Flow through Juncal’s surreal fantasy world, where sarcasm, irony and grotesque imagery run supreme. Found objects are decontextualised to become terrifying figures, conjuring up images of the circus and mythological creatures.

The new work is more sculptural. Juncal’s art moves from tense and moody, to stark and shocking and as far as playfully obscene, and we’re delighted to reveal just a fraction of it here. It’s time to knock on doors and ask who’s coming out to play…
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