Drawn | March 2018




An exhibition of works from Hackney Wick Life Drawing attendees will go on display at Stour Space from 16th-30th March 2018.

Launch: Friday 16th March 2018, 7-10pm, free entry
Open daily 17th-30th March, 9am-5pm, free entry

“Hackney Wick Life Drawing was set up as a way to connect with the local community and build a foundation of support in some way. It’s about bringing people together who perhaps find the art world daunting or struggle to find a place within it, which I think most of us can relate to. 

It is also used as a platform to celebrate, build confidence and showcase people’s talent. What’s been really great is that a network of opportunities has emerged, outside of the drawing group. People have made friends, used the class as a module for university and have found work opportunities as well finding a creative, expressive outlet for a few hours each week. After 4 years we can finally have an exhibition that’s everyone’s.” – Ben Wakeling (Founder of Hackney Wick Life Drawing)

More information can be found on the press release: Press Release – Drawn (Stour Space, March 2018)


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