Drawing Nearer | 19th May 2017

Drawing Nearer

Stour Space is pleased to host ‘Drawing Nearer’, the first London solo exhibition of new drawings by the British artist Nigel Howlett.

Opening Friday 19th May, 7-10pm, free entry

Daily opening 20th May – 5th June, 9am-5pm, free entry

Howlett’s graphite drawings depict hairy characters, sometimes dressed only in their underpants, acting out scenarios that reflect familiar social anxieties and conditions. Always humorous and sometimes sinister, common themes in the work include our obsession with technology and our relationship with social media.

Howlett’s influences include the surreal and cartoon-y paintings of American artist Peter Saul whose comic aesthetic juggles contemporary culture and political subject matter. Other influences include Robert Crumb and his satire of American culture as well as Andy Rementer’s Techno Tuesday series which ponders the relationship between man and machine.

The show in Hackney Wick includes some limited edition prints made especially for Stour Space.

Howlett lives and works in London. Following his studies in fine art he embarked on a successful career as a set designer working with clients such as the BBC, Channel 4, Issey Miyake and Nike. He co-founded Nan Studios, a photographic and creative studio in East London, in 2015.


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