Dive | 13th September


Opening 13th September 7-10pm, free entry

Open daily 14th-20th September, 9am-late, free entry

An installation of paintings by Enya Lachman-Curl.

Following an extensive engagement with Stour Space, Enya Lachman-Curl presents Dive, a divulgence of her own process as a studio based painter; the disarray and day-to-day mysteries of her practice.

The collection of work represents an obsession with technical attainment and a temptation towards spontaneity and risk.

Displayed across sumptuously painted oils, Lachman-Curl’s singular painting language is delicate and precise. A narrative of nuanced colour and ambiguous fictional spaces, forays into new elements and material considerations. While there might be a recognisable style, these works also evidence Lachman-Curl’s continuous jettisoning of presumptions.

Throughout the installation elements subside, recur and change. For Lachman-Curl, each painting intends to undermine the other to an extent, retaining singularity within a cohesive but shifting network of conceptual enquiry.

Combining this seriousness of intention with an ambitious playfulness, Dive intends to create an evocative atmosphere through a network of engaging new work. 

Lachman-Curl creates a space to allow oneself to become submerged within a shifting space of constant transformation – a bright speckle of pink might appear then recur again across the room, or a curled form which changes shape or colour.

‘Dive’ is a solo exhibition by Hackney Wick-based painter Enya Lachman-Curl. Born in 1990, she has previously exhibited in Glasgow, San Francisco, Bristol and London.


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