Malarko Hernandez and Cristina Lina are excited to announce their upcoming exhibition at Stour Space: BRICK POTATO, POTATO BRICK.

Private View: Tuesday 8th November 2016, 7-10pm, free entry

Opening Hours: 9th-28th Nov 2016, 9am-5pm daily, free entry

Alongside spraypaint, fireworks, gokarts, plastic bags, and piñatas, the potato – in both form and content – has become a favourite of Cristina Lina’s. Her attraction to the potato is difficult to say exactly, but is in part because she feels it provides a nice antithesis to the way Art is often perceived and positioned within institutions, galleries and global markets.

Complementary to Cristina’s potato sits Malarko Hernandez’s brick. The brick, as universal singular unit of our homes and cities, cannot escape its own significance. Yet in the same way that a potato is a potato, a brick is a brick. Inspired by his hero the Postman Ferdinand Cheval , Malarko initially began collecting bricks in Stoke-on-Trent in 2013 as a form of psychogeography. Interested in the way each unit posesses the potential to both smash and build, Malarko attempts to encompass the bricks internal conflict within his practice.

For this exhibition Malarko and Cristina have collaborated across both brick and potato mediums and they hope you will join them for the inauguration of the works on Tuesday 8th November. Protective clothing advised. (-:
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