Borrowed Light – April 2013

Borrowed Light

Private View: Thursday 4th April 2013 6-9pm
Opening Hours: 5th – 29th April 9am – 5pm daily

Glass artist Sheenagh McKinlay takes pieces of old broken stained glass and remakes them into pictures from her imagination.

On show are pieces from two series of work, ‘Albion’ and ‘The Greeks’. Inspired by the great myth cycles of the Mabinogian and King Arthur, the Iliad and the Odyssey.

The panels are barely planned, usually a single painted fragment is chosen as the starting point. The final image develops from the relationships this and further scraps and shards make when brought together and reconfigured on light boxes.

Two strands of recent work by Paul Shaw are represented here in the show. Firstly a group of abstracted images created by collage and using heavily textured and often re-used glass – much of which is collected in Scandinavia.

And secondly, his most recent work has explored themes contained in the domestic stained glass of the 1920s and 1930s. Interpreting the archetypes of art deco style such as a ship in full sail or the use of high art styles applied to everyday items – the cubist carpet.

/Paul Shaw Stained Glass
/Sheenagh McKinlay Stained Glass
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