Art type stuff. – June 2016

Thomas Langley: Art type stuff.


Private View: Thursday 2nd June 2016, 7-10pm, free entry – RSVP

Opening Hours: 3rd-30th June, 9am-5pm daily, free entry


– “Boundaries between living and working,  making and destroying, quitting and succeeding no longer exist”

– “The transparency of this state of affairs is ‘what’ Thomas Langley’s practice is. ‘Art type stuff’ becomes the name for a glitch in this unbroken field of sameness, when out of the blue a ‘thing’ is born – materially and aesthetically dubious, unwelcome, and at the same time compelling and urgent. It is contemporary ambivalence made physical, a vacillating question turned into a brute fact.”

–  Nigel Cooke


Artist Statement:

I consider myself a fine artist working with an interdisciplinary practice that includes painting, sculpture, performance, drawing and installation.

The breadth of my working methods is a means to discover and explore new territories for artistic comment. I’m interested in the idea of manual thought – how thinking gets into an object. At the same time, I like the idea that this manual thought could blur the boundaries between an artwork and the artistic life that gives rise to it. For me, boundaries of artistic practice are fluid and questionable. The material expression of consciousness also turns into a question about the physical/spatial boundaries the artwork occupies, and the status it maintains in the wider world.

My work is often self referential, but I attempt to approach certain universal truths through that; the human condition, or more specifically the artistic condition, are what I strive to make contact with.



From Canterbury, Kent

Working and living in Hackney Wick as well as studying at the Royal Academy.

This collection is a culmination of pieces produced during the first year period of study 2016.
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