Adult Entertainment | 18th July

Adult Entertainment

A solo exhibition by East London based artist Adelina Sasnauskaite

Launch Thursday 18th July, 7-10pm, free entry

Open daily until 25th July, 9am-5pm, free entry

A selection of paintings and drawings explore the often absurd and hyperbolised image of female sexuality within consumerist context.

“As a young girl, I have always been aware of the eroticism that surrounds us. I find a weird sort of amusement in the absurd and often hyperbolised depiction of erotica and sexuality – it seems like our everyday lives are surrounded by it wether we choose so or not. Sexualised female form has always been the main selling point for the consumerist society – mass media, music, fashion etc. But mostly what interest me is how all these things like sex, the notion of sexuality, erotica, lust and so on are all portrayed through female body form. How a certain pose or gesture of the female body plays with the subconsciousness of a viewer in order do sell the product.

I was never able to make out what my views on all this were so therefore, I started collecting, drawing and juxtaposing imagery together as my own way of interpreting the visual world surrounding me rather than trying to understand it or confine myself in certain ways of perceiving it.”
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