Pen Pushers THIS SATURDAY at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – As part of The Big Draw 2013

The Wick Art Store is proud to present the second instalment of their Pen Pushers drawing event with Stour Space and Posca: The Big Draw at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is on Saturday 12th October from 11am.

The rare specimens joining us for this live drawing event at the ‘”DO NOT FEED THE ILLUSTRATORS” stand are: Hicks 54, Kid Acne, EMA, Nick Marsh & Bob Motown who will be busy creating our “AREA OF OUTSTANDING NATURAL BEAUTY”.
With drawing being the staple diet of the Illustrator, participants and viewers alike will have the opportunity to stand on our strategically positioned viewing point, which will provide them with the optimum vantage point to spot them in their natural habitat.
You will also get the chance to record your sightings using the colouring, drawing and dot to dot sheets that will be available from a member of the Pen Pushers team.
This will be a fun and educational day out, but remember: DO NOT FEED THE ILLUSTRATORS!!!
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