Open Call to Hackney Wick artistic/creative community! V&A Hackney Wick TAKEBACK

Dear Hackney Wick Artists,

It’s on! The Takeback is confirmed! We have an epic space – can you be there to use it?!?! 
See below for details….
DIY – V&A Hackney Wick Takeback – Saturday 5th April 2014, noon till late, Swan Wharf

You, Hackney Wick artists, performers, musicians, etc.

The DIY – V&A Hackney Wick Takeback !

By popular grassroots demand, in response to the success of the Hackney Wick Takeover night at the V&A. No other community invited to the V&A has ever said thank you very much, and then gone on mass to bring that spirit back home and with our good times Hackney Wick trademark.

How long is on for?
For one special day only.

How do I get involved?
Come along with your ready to go idea. If you werent selected for the V&A – nowʼs your chance to be part of the DIY Hackney Wick Takeback. As well as the 26 projects from the V&A night, we will try and accommodate as many artists as the space permits.

What shall I bring?
Leave your CV at home, but do bring your great idea, your enthusiasm, adaptability, spirit of collaboration and sense of humour.

Whatʼs the curation policy?
This is hardcore DIY remember, so we need savvy self organising artists, who will be ready to show up, set up, and source their own equipment for the day.

When & where do I come to get my space?
Wednesday 26th March – Swan Wharf, Dace Road, Fish Island, Hackney Wick E3 2NQ
TIME: 6.30pm prompt. If you cant make it send someone on your behalf. The spaces are approximately based on a car park space and away you go.

Lets talk money?
Simple – we abolished it. This is strictly a DIY artists response. Our own economy of creativity and collaboration to make something happen. What you see is being given for free, time, buildings, posters, advice, contacts, equipment, bartering & lending, so be nice to everyone, that costs nothing (and help out where you can!).

If I get a space, when is the DIY – V&A Hackney Wick Takeback scheduled for?
Saturday April 5th 2014

SET UP TIMES: Noon on Friday 4th April until 10am Saturday 5th April
EVENT TIMES: Noon on Saturday 5th April until late

Swan Wharf, 60 Dace Road, Fish Island, Hackney Wick E3 2NQ
We have the courtyard, ground floor, first floor and if we need it the second floor too.
Check out images of the venue here: 

Why such short notice?
a) It coincides with the grand opening of the Olympic Park to increase footfall
b) to be as close as possible to the V&A Takeover date to capitalise on the creative juices unleashed by that event
c) this is when Swan Wharf is available to us

Who’s the hell are you?
Good question. Rebecca Feiner, a local artist, haunting Hackney Wick for the past seven years.
In collaborating with as many Hackney Wickers as possible we are going to make the DIY – V&A Hackney Wick Takeback happen and have fun!
Hackney WickED are assisting to round up artists and help out where we can – if you would like to help the event please let me know.
Please write a short email back to myself with YES in the subject heading, to let me know if you are available and would like to get involved.

Best wishes, 

Rebecca Feiner
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