Live Music – House of Trees

House of Trees

Join us at Stour Space next week for an evening of live music, and tapas from The Counter…

Thursday 16th February
7.00pm onwards

House of Trees

If Billie Holiday was singing Kurt Weill songs in a Tim Burton movie we might be getting somewhere close to describing the original songs of ‘House of Trees’. The group is a Swedish/English mix that blend jazz, folk and a pinch of classical to deliver a musical and lyrical journey from melancholic fairytales through dark blues to earthy jazz tunes.

Valdemar Have

Songs of joy and longing played on scrappy guitars, and probably the slowest band in the world.

Stripped down, but not empty. Simple songs with an uneasy tinge. Electricity. Cold air. Two boys in perfect harmony, creating imperfect harmony. See-through people of yet unwritten songs. Hardly even exist. Come hear our music!

Emit Bloch

“Whimsical guitar and harmonica-filled numbers, intrinsically linked with his between-song banter. He is most definitely weird”
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