27.01.18 | JAMuary: 5 Years Fresh

#UNiTY and the LMNade Associates present JAMuary 5: The cross roads where the underground music and dance scenes converge to rave and dance through 3 rooms of soul-lifting music and an international cast of the world’s finest dancers

7pm-2am, tickets available here

Room 1: 5 Years of JAMuary
The main room celebrating the classic Jamuary Musical Journey

Smith and the Honey Badgers! Live Funk Band
Le Creme Twins (Mechanix Raves)
Hector Plimmer (Albert’s Favorites / #UNiTY)
Psycut (Paris)
Emily Evans (#UNiTY)
M-Cutz (#UNiTY)
High Commissioner (#UNiTY)

Room 2: Upstairs Downtown / Curated by Colectivo Futuro
A living tribute to inclusive underground club culture celebrating the likes of Paradise Garage, The Loft, Larry Levan, Mancuso, the moment hip-hop travels uptown…

Colectivo Futuro
Mr Pedro (Extended Play Sessions / NTS)
Dan Jose (#UNiTY)
Mathias Linzatti (Stockholm)

Room 3: The Dirty Tunnel
Loud Dirty Electronic Music in a long dark concrete tunnel

Henry Gilles (Public Possession)
Tofuti Klein (Bizarre Rituals)
Dolenz (UNiTY / Exit Records / Balamii)
Ed Word (Boogie Nights London)

Special Dancer Invites

Reemcat (Bad Trip Crew / Bordeaux)
Super Ivo (Comask Flava/Italy Mallratz/UK)
Suki (Get Funked Crew / Bradford)
Jay Jay Revlon (House of Revlon / London )
Felix the Cat (House of Garcon / London)
Clementine (Ineficient Crew / Rennes)
Kwame (Ineficient Crew / Montpelier)
Masanari (Naked Gunz Crew / NAGOYA JAPAN)
Kieran Warner
Gubash (Recognise Crew / Split Croatia)
B Girl Rambo (Loz Boyz & Loz Girlz / Budapest)
Artis (Furious Styles / Barcelona)
Lee Bee (Scarecrows / Gloucester)
Shortbread ( Heart Breakerz Crew / Stirling)
Tinmar (Youpi Crew / Paris)

Attending Crews
Break Fresh (New York City)
Animaniaxxx (Bordeaux)
Soul Vibrations
Deadly Venoms Crew (Canada)
Skill Bill Zoo (Stockholm)
Concrete Kings (Gothenburg)
King Contrast (Finland)
Floorphilia (Finland)