01.11.18 | FLUCTUATIONS an installation by Emma Charlton


An installation, Thursday 1/11

@ Stour Space, Hackney Wick

19.30 til late

Emma is a London based visual artist with 10 years professional experience working with brands to create distinctive storytelling, design and artistic direction. Collaborating on set, in studio or location with contemporary photographers, designers, stylists, artists and directors to deliver content that inspires through print and online.

Emma works from her studio in Hackney Wick . Her paintings and illustrations have been shown in the UK, Ibiza, and Beirut where her last installation the flowerheads took place.

Her upcoming show ‘Fluctuations’ will take place on Thursday 1 November At Stour Space in Hackney Wick.

Thoughts, a part of human existence – fluctuate in light and shadow, transcend high and low. I have become aware of just how complicated life can be, so unnecessarily when lived consistently in thought. Continuous attention on thoughts has shown me just how quickly they can grow into something so far disconnected to where I started, connection with the present moment is lost altogether. This internal dialogue has an affect on relationships with other humans, it also has an affect on the physical body.

This work interprets unseen energy and comes from a source that has always been alive and with me  – but one that I have only recently become conscious of. What we are all connected to as humans. This show is a visual expression of being in the present moment.

‘’The real you is not a puppet which life pushes around, the real deep down you – is the whole universe’’. – Alan Watts

The show will feature contemporary paintings, illustrations, art performance, photography, sound and live visuals.
Collaborations with Anna Wall, Daisy Dickinson, Jonny Garner & Joyce Nicholls.


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