Exhibit Here with Great Art

EXHIBIT HERE with Great Art

Exhibit Here is our new project with Great Art, working with artists to create large scale artworks to be displayed in the Stour Space Cafe.

To apply to take part in our Exhibit Here project in partnership with Great Art, please contact us
via info@stourspace.co.uk

‘Sun & Sea’ by Emma Charlton is the first artwork to be created, on display in the Cafe now!

A bit more about Emma and her process:

Working from her studio (No.9) upstairs at Stour Space, Emma has over 10 years professional experience. She provides creative solutions and visual focus for clients in London and abroad. Emma can take a brief, devise a concept and see that concept through to creation. Emma’s paintings and illustrations have been exhibited in the UK and abroad, her most recent exhibition was an installation in Beirut – The Flowerheads

“I use acrylics and different wide brushes for my pieces. I don’t always have a stimulus in mind. Sometimes, like this piece I just have the colour palette given to me. I go to the blank canvas, start to paint with what I have, and just see what comes out. Usually clouds, sun, sea, animals and plants appear.”



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