18.05.19 | Cooltzine vol.2 Simultaneous Exhibition

Cooltzine vol.2 Simultaneous Exhibition

Saturday 18th May, see times below, free entry


Cooltsalon presents the second edition of “Cooltzine” in a 1-day event across 3 time zones


On 18 May 2019, three cities will explore together the idea of a shared space by taking part in Cooltsalon’s international collaboration project, which manifests in a one-day exhibition event, happening simultaneously across 3 time zones.


What is being exhibited is not just works of international creatives but, actually, the premises and line of business of each hosting partner: Stour Space (London), MOVE.BG (Sofia) and Papergirl Galerija Hub (Belgrade).


The event follows the 2018 version, when Cooltsalon established an ideas exchange model, that truly reflects the idea of ‘glocal’: a one-day simultaneous exhibition, where several cities showcased the same works to different audiences. The works came from submissions to a collaboratively created zine (“Cooltzine”); each participating city (hosting venue) then received the same exhibition assets for presentation and same zines for distribution, while contributors, hosts and attendees had the opportunity to tune into a live video stream, sneaking a peek into each other’s venues – Leyden Gallery (London), Cush.Bar (Sofia), Kvaka 22 (Belgrade) and be’kech (Berlin). The specific brief for Cooltzine vol.1 was “Neglected spaces in YOUR city where you find inspiration”, attracting responses from different parts of the world, revealing stories and individual experiences through the means of photography, illustration and collage. The first Cooltzine edition was made by 40 contributors, from early to mid-career artists, as well as self-taught multidisciplinary practitioners and amateur photographers. Full list of Cooltzine #1 contributors profiles can be found here.


Cooltsalon decided to set up this exchange as an annual event, in the effort to shine light on socially active and culturally engaged establishments around the world, and as a reflection of the curators’ dedication to building connections between people and places. In times of political uncertainty across Europe and the UK, from unknown Brexit status to redefined borders, the 2019 edition explores “Shared Space”, as understood by creative practitioners around the world. Each page of the associated publication is a visual interpretation of the topic, while several works will be also on display on site, on the day of the simultaneous event. Full list of Cooltzine #2 contributors profiles can be found here.


Local audiences will be able to pick up copies of “Cooltzine #2” on the day, available only at that specific time, from that specific venue.

Collectively, there will be a virtual livestream event for every city to join. This year supported by Cisco technologies, contributors, hosts and attendees will be able to talk to each other in designated Q&A session slots for each city:

representatives of Place 167, an art space situated in an 1897-built house, IME Association and the ‘Art & Culture Today’ platform will discuss notions of ‘shared space’ in Sofia, together with local creatives and Cooltsalon collaborators, Femme Fatale Project, Borya Shapshalova and Ivo Nedyalkov, and MOVE.BG, Bulgarian edition’s hosting partner; Cooltsalon’s new Belgrade partners, iksvy art, will co-curate the Serbian edition, introducing audiences to the founders of Papergirl Galerija Hub and Iva Čukić urban planner & co-founder of the Ministarstvo prostora (Collective Ministry of Space) NGO, of Street Gallery; in London, Neil McDonald of Stour Space and the local ‘Fish Island’ creative community will share a round-table with creative-cultural agents Shelagh Wright and Peter Jenkinson, Russell Martin of Artquest and Cooltsalon collaborators Jake Francis, Elena Brake, Victor Buehring, Victoria Casillas, followed by the screening of Glossary of Implications by artists Francesca Ricci & Kiril Bozhinov.

Each city will have one hour, with the last 20 minutes open to questions and comments from the other two locations. Transmitted via Cisco’s Webex platform, the international live streams will be available only to attendees on site, encouraging visits to each participating venue, respectively.


Further dissecting ‘shared space’, its implications and global vs local, Cooltsalon will offer attendees and hosting partners in Sofia, Paris and London a unifying exhibition content: same video pieces will be delivered for display in all 3 locations. The works come from Cooltsalon’s Open Call earlier in January 2019:

The Bridge Waltz (2014), video, by Israeli artist Shahar Tuchner; Femme Fatale Project feat. Anna Kalcheva video-art project BETA CUTS, of raw backstage motion scenes from a photography project of the same name (2016); Tea Trucke (2018) Laura Carvalho; and Shared Space (2019), looped video of stills, submissions to “Cooltzine #2”, curated by Cooltsalon.


At the same time, each venue will be distinguished with individual programme highlights, different for each participating city, where local collaborators will present works in real time. Running parallel with the live video chats, each hosting venue will have an ‘offline’ programme, including visiting hours for artworks display and presentations. In Sofia the rooms of MOVE.BG will host a display by Borya Shapshalova, including installation object, three large scale prints, a magazine-book with editorial photography and a few pieces of contemporary jewellery, all united as Structured Essence. Attendees in Belgrade will peruse Papergirl’s extensive artworks collection, gathered over the years. Attendees in London can explore Stour Space in-house exhibition, Sensational Reportage (on display until 30 May) by Valerie Savchits, Latvia-born, UK-residing artist, exploring themes such as unheard, unseen and unexplained. Recipient of Hotel Elephant and Southwark Council Arts & Culture Grant Scheme, Valerie was also one of the 300 art students selected to exhibit work at the Tate Modern ‘Future Late’ in 2016. Occupying a separate space within Stour’s premises, site-specific works of three Cooltsalon collaborators will be on display until closing time:

Ben Duax’ floor-mounted print (45cmx 275cm, vinyl sticker), Victor Buehring’s framed object assemblages 25 pockets of […] and Voices (2018-in progress) site-specific installation (embroidered organza, acrylic tube, audio) from Victoria Casillas.

More works to be confirmed for each location.


For full schedule, additional artworks, opening times & updates on the simultaneous exhibition event – 18 May: http://tinyurl.com/y6jxjrzo


For news & Cooltsalon projects: www.cooltsalon.com


For press images: http://tiny.cc/ifnv4y


For any further inquiries, please contact oli.gots@gmail.com





Cooltsalon is a platform for ideas and creativity exchange in urban context, that originated in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2014 with a series of “1-week-only” site-specific exhibitions. Over the years, Cooltsalon’s mission has grown into giving exposure to individual voices hidden behind the collective city life. These opportunities were presented through a variety of events – from guided walks meeting local creative businesses to site-specific exhibitions with international artists. Cooltsalon is about building a sustainable network of contacts and resources, accessible to anyone who has taken part in our various collaborative projects and events; creating a context in which ideas exchange can take place, comparing and contrasting one urban environment to another and how we operate within it. www.cooltsalon.com




A self-publication curated by Cooltsalon as an accessible exposure platform for creative practitioners at any career stage, the zine is platform’s first tangible asset


After the 2018 one-day simultaneous exhibition event, which launched “Cooltzine”, a limited print run of vol.1 was stocked at participating partner venues in London, Belgrade, Berlin and Sofia; copies of the zine made available free of charge. In June 2018, “Cooltzine” #1 found its way to the Water Tower Art Residency results presentation event at “Place 167” (Място 167) in Sofia. In July 2018, Cooltzine #1 was presented at the Tangible Books’ Indie Book & Zine Fair in Edinburgh.


The cycle of each edition is completed with 1-month availability as a downloadable file (free of charge), after which each volume is archived, never to be available again, unless shared by someone within the network. Each “Cooltzine” edition is deliberately limited in print run, encouraging exchange and DIY reproduction, sharing and copying material hand-to-hand, in the original zine culture spirit.





MOVE.BG (Sofia, Bulgaria) – A platform for value creators and a think-and-do tank for innovative solutions, on a mission for workable ideas for social transformation, forging pathways into sustainable development and enabling a culture of constructive dialogue and participatory leadership. As a venue, the hub hosts an array of start-ups under their roof and associated events and networking nights. https://move.bg/


Papergirl Galerija Hub (Belgrade, Serbia) – A gathering place for creative communities through co-working and various educational, creative and interactive programs. The mission of the space is the exchange of energies, experiences, knowledge and the strengthening of individuals and communities through various events: exhibitions, workshops, installations, projections. The space is founded by the same people previously behind the Belgrade edition of the Papergirl, a community street art project originating in Berlin in 2006, which is now produced in cities worldwide. http://papergirlgalerija.com


Stour Space (London, UK) – A socially minded organisation offering exhibition, performance and studio space for the development of creative enterprises. Devoted to the promotion and production of art and design, performance and innovative business, Stour Space also works in collaboration with many local enterprises, residents, artists and committees. Registered as an Asset of Community Value under the Community Right to Bid Policy, as part of the Localism Act 2011, the Stour Space building has been listed as a valuable public venue in the local area by Tower Hamlets council and local residents. http://www.stourspace.co.uk/




Borya Shapshalova is a multi-disciplinary artist, fascinated by Contemporary Jewellery as art which engages the human body. Her background covers mediums such as traditional printing, architecture, urban design, photography and dance. As an artist, strongly inspired by the dialogue between the visual and the somatic, she is provided with new space for contemporary exploration by this medium that she uses as a portal to breaking the boundaries between the art that lives in the gallery and art found on the streets on the bodies of those people who bravely venture into statement self-expression.

Femme Fatale Project feat. Anna Kalcheva FFP is a creative collective that acts in the field of digital photography, video-art and AV installations. The “usual suspects” include Martina Panayotova and Mery Adam, though members occasionally vitiate. The team is enchanted to explore the interaction of the human body, as a gentle by presumption frame, with a variety of surroundings reflecting the often crude modern urbanity. BETA CUTS BETA CUTS is a collaborative work by FFP and photographer Anna Kalcheva, originally glass infused lens photography (stills captured through glass panels then printed on cut polycarbonate sheets excluding any preliminary software editing), later accompanied by a video-art project by the same name with the support of sound designer Shrine.

Shahar Tuchner is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Israel. Tuchner is a graduate of the Open Program at Hamidrasha School of Art at Beit Berl College (2010). His works in various media, such as video-art, installation, sculpture and photography, often deal with social issues regarding consumerism, multiculturalism and representations of reality through the media (cinema, television, cyberculture, advertising, etc.). In his video-art works, Tuchner examines the relationship between image, movement and music, and in his sculptures and installations he often uses readymade in order to explore the line between common everyday objects and art.

Ben Duax studied painting in New York before coming to Glasgow. Interested in methods of dispersion, and how physical artworks can maintain relevance in an increasingly mediated visual landscape, his work uses painting as a substructure for physically transient experiences.

Victor Buehring enjoys making social assemblage montages for cities. Participants give away to a montage an object possession and then write out directions for the next location and person, or ‘pocket’, to be visited in a city. The trail of referrals from person to person continues until at least 25 objects from 25 referrals are collected. The objects collected are then incorporated into a final, framed collage.

Victoria Casillas, Spanish UK-based artist, mature BA Fine Art student at the University of Kent, who had self-taught painting until enrolling the course in 2016. Victoria’s practice seeks diversion from traditional methods of presenting art, to a new perception in which the aesthetic of visual art is not just focused on the direct view but is enhanced by stimulating different senses, in order to produce a change of mood, tapping into feelings and bringing sensory perception to the foreground.

LONDON – Stour Space 7 Roach Road, E3 2PA London, UK

15:00 – Doors open / works on display at the Mezzanine
16:00 – Hello & welcome from Cooltsalon; tour of the spaces (videos prerecorded) & Copies of “Cooltzine #2: Shared Space” made available
16:30 – Panel & Q&A with Sofia (40 mins: MOVE.BG rep, Cisco rep Mira Krusteva/Radoslav Tschochev, guest speaker(s), artist(s); 20 mins chat with other cities/audiences)
17:30 – Panel & Q&A with Paris (40 mins: Le GaRaGe rep, coordinator/Cisco rep, guest speaker(s), artists Hanoh Szpira, Collectif Ascidiacea, Meaghan Matthews, Ingrid Maillard; 20 mins chat with other cities/audiences)
18:30 – Panel & Q&A with London (40 mins: Stour Space rep, coordinator/Cisco rep, guest speaker(s), artists Victor Buehring, Victoria Casillas, Elena Brake, Giovanna Iorio, Alexandra Francis; 20 mins chat with other cities/audiences)
19:30 – Stour’s additional programme (local artists, music etc.) + Drinks at the bars.

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