Chewsday Club | Weekly Donation Dinner

Every Tuesday we will be serving a delicious pay-what-you-can dinner and invite you to contribute and raise money for local organisations and charities!

How it works:

  • Every Tuesday our chef will prepare and cook a meal (for instance a yummy vegan curry), you can donate at the till or directly into the donations box, whatever you are able to, then you are free to take a plate of deliciousness and enjoy it out on our canal-side pontoon or in the cafe 
  • For each weeks dinner our chef will keep details of ingredients cost (plus any donated ingredients) and this cost will be deducted from the donations as well as their time to cook the meal.
  • The total after this deduction will be sent directly to the nominated charity or organisation and we will update the table each week/month with a break down of costs, money raised and charity/organisation details.
  • Our staffing costs (i.e. bar staff, wait staff) will be covered by the bar revenue from the night.

Do you want to get involved?

  • We welcome people to get in touch to organise events in conjunction with this weekly fundraiser. Do you need a space to test out your DJ set / do a performance / organise a poetry reading / set up a jam session or something similar? We would love for you to be involved in our Tuesday nights and help us to raise money – fill out the form over on the Bookings & Hire page and our events team will be in touch.
  • Do you want to donate your time / skills / ingredients for the dinner ? Contact us at info [at]
DateDinner DonationsIngredients & Chef CostTotal Charity/OrganisationAdditional Donations
24-07-18£133.53£80.00£53.53 Shelter From The Storm
07-08-18£171.74£80.00£91.74 Shelter From The Storm
14-08-18£192.52£80.00£112.52 Shelter From The Storm
21-08-18£194.92 £80.00£114.92 Shelter From The Storm
28-08-18£118.10£80.00£38.10 Shelter From The Storm
04-09-18£238.88£80.00£158.88Celia Hammond Animal Trust£434.23 from workshops & products
25-09-18£92.45 £80.00£12.45 Signed Culture
02-10-18 £97.72£80.00£17.72Signed Culture
09-10-18£111.73 £80.00£31.73Signed Culture
16-10-18£108.00 £80.00£28.00 Signed Culture
23-10-18£142.66 £80.00£62.66 Signed Culture
30-10-18£136.76 £80.00£56.76 Signed Culture
06-11-18£150.00 £80.00£70.00 Hackney Quest
13-11-18£239.00 £80.00£159.00
20-11-18£124.45 £80.00£44.45
27-11-18£150.04 £80.00£70.04
04-12-18£153.00 £80.00£73.00
11-12-18£192.08 £80.00£112.08ProBikeService £134.36 from bike checks
18-12-18£101.73 £50.00£51.73 Studio Upstairs
08-01-19£102.65 £50.00£52.65 Studio Upstairs
15-01-19£68.85 £50.00£18.85 Studio Upstairs
22-01-19£137.79 £80.00£57.79 ACE Rio
29-01-19£136.26 £80.00£56.26 ACE Rio
05-02-19£100.00£80.00£20.00Whitechapel Hospital
12-02-19£89.00 £80.00£9.00Help Refugees
19-02-19£85.93 £80.00£5.93Help Refugees
26-02-19£142.25 £80.00£62.25 Help Refugees
05-03-19£68.00 £80.00-£12.00Stour Space in-house fundraiser
12-03-19£88.00 £80.00£8.00Stour Space in-house fundraiser
19-03-19£85.60 £80.00£5.60Stour Space in-house fundraiser
26-03-19£140.38 £80.00£60.38 Stour Space in-house fundraiser
02-04-19£9.00 £80.00-£71Stour Space in-house fundraiser
09-04-19£536.78 £80.00 £456.78 Stour Space in-house fundraiser
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