03.03.19 | Butoh, Noise & Lights

Butoh, Noise & Lights

A multi-media performing arts event at Stour Space, hosted by Mai & Ampersand.


Butoh Dance
Ambient industrial live Noise
Electronic Noise
VJ ing
Multimedia installations
Interactive lights
and live solo act ( Voice and guitar)
Dj Sets

Free Entry (donations welcome) from 2pm till 5pm

£5 entry from 5pm till 10pm.

Free entry after 10pm

2pm with DJ set 1 By Xuan Sinden


DJ set by Xuan Sinden

Joseph Oldfield solo act ( Voice & Guitar)

Anja Lauterman+Frauke Berg ( experimental sound double from Dusseldorf, Germany)

Andrada & Phil MFU: ” The Egg and The Sea.” ( Butoh dance & live experimental music )

A Fear Of Fluffing duo set ( electronic meandering )


EVENING PERFORMANCES: ( timings tbc .)

Mai & Ampersand ( Mai Butoh Dance and ambient industrial live Noise band) 2 sets

Xuan Sinden ( multi media installation)

Laurie Bender ( VJ ing and multimedia installation)

Lauterman+Berg ( experimental sounds set 2)

DJ sets tbc


NGUYEN TRI MAI / Mai Butoh Dance :
Mai’s performances on Youtube playlist:

Nguyen Tri Mai is a Franco Vietnamese dance artist. For the last 20 years, she has drawn her inspiration from the waters, back and fro between Brittany coasts, salt marshes and the river, pools and canals of the East End of London. Mixing her Butoh dancing spirit with her passion for improvising with live music, Mai loves to express her intense movements in the moment, bring light to a space with her explosiveness. Mai has collaborated with musicians, film-makers and photographers, fashion designer and projection and lights specialists. Mai mainly performs in various events around London. Her creative nest is Hackney Wick where she regularly performs, in long term partnership with either Fear Of Fluffing, Ampersand, Grassy Noel & APE or with her son Xuan Sinden). In Hackney Wick, Mai often organises performing arts events either at Grow, Hackney, at Stour Space,the Old Baths.
You also might equally have the chance catch her dancing alone in the outdoors, in warehouse happenings, in festivals, in the streets of Hackney Wick or other London Street Parties, in Fashion events, or in art exhibitions.

Mai & Ampersand have collaborated in Butoh dance and Noise performances for many years now. They have performed together at Grow, Hackney and Stour Space and many other venues all over London.


London based improvisers of industrial ambient noise, Ampersand are an improvisational sound ensemble who produce an experience of sound to envelop the audience in the act of the moment and the art of the moment. This uniquely pan-generational group utilises found objects, engineered metal, deconstructed traditional instruments and audio toys. The sound, and the experience of that sound, are imposed on all the senses, to share with the audience a charged and super-layered emotional state. Ampersand are Brian Bushell, Joseph Oldfield, Stephen Oldfield and Paul Wells. http://www.ampersand.tv/

Anja Lautermann + Frauke Berg
(electronic Noise set from Germany…
Frauke Berg and Anja Lautermann are experimental sound artists, based in Düsseldorf.�They work in different constellations and collaborations. However, since 2012, they have performed together many times, in Germany their homeland as well as abroad, enabling them to create their own electro-acoustic sound and improvisations style. Between space and moment, Lautermann and Berg ‘s double act never fail to fuse on stage and create their particular and unique narrative through their sounds.

Joseph Oldfield (voice and guitar solo act)


Xuan Sinden (interact multi media installation with music/ projections/ lights)
https://xuansinden.com/ ( please send bio and links)

Andrada & Phil ( Butoh dance and experimental music)
– Andrada is a butoh dancer/choreographer and a passionate recorder of images and words that come through night and daytime dreams.
– Phil MFU is a solo Electronic Rock musician Library music DJ, and member of the Exotic Psychedelic group Vanishing Twin


Laurie Bender ( VJ )
Laurie’s work as a VJ and live visual artist at www.laubaine.net


Arran Bolders and Aled Reese (electronic meandering from the Fear Of Fluffing Band) tbc

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