22 to 25.06.19 | Blind Tape Quartets by Lukatoyboy: Recording Sessions

Blind Tape Quartets by Lukatoyboy : Recording Sessions – UK Tour

Session 1: Saturday 22nd June, 11am-3pm, free to attend

Session 2: Sunday 23rd June, 11am-3pm, free to attend

Session 3: Monday 24th June, 11am-3pm, free to attend

Session 4: Tuesday 25th June, 11am-3pm, free to attend

Participative and chance dedicated limited tape release project.
Certain geographic restrictions apply, aesthetic none.
Record your 10 minutes and be a part of a surprising quartet! 

A suggested guide to Blind Tape Quartets recordings:

A 4-track tape recorder will be ready for you and 10 minutes of your performance.
There will be a microphone and a line input option.
You will be unaware of the people who played before, or will be playing after you.
On the final day, all the recorded cassettes will be presented and offered as a very limited edition – check the other event!

– bring your own instrument (if you don’t have one, bring whatever you can – we can mike it, and there will be some small instruments to try)
– imagine that you are playing in a quartet, but you can’t hear others while recording your part
– think about your dynamics as a part of a quartet
– silence can be a special friend this time. not everyone should be playing/talking/singing all the time (but the risk is up to you)
– if you are an electronic musician, try limit your output to a certain instrument, not the final mix (maybe you will not be the only one electronic musician in a quartet)
– if you are a writer, a singer, or a voice artist – prepare the text which can fit in 10 minutes

“Fascinating project… a 4-track variation on the Surrealist ‘exquisite corpse’ ” – The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music

Blind Tape Quartets cities so far:

Beograd, Berlin, Čakovec, Budapest, Cologne, Hamburg, Vienna, Leipzig, Antwerp, Lausanne, Ljubljana, Mostar, Malmö, Gothenburg, Herceg Novi, Amsterdam, Funchal, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Coimbra, Zagreb, Athens, Zurich, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Mexico City.




contact: blindtapes@gmail.com

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