Be Nice Club is a weekly night filled with food, music and conversation. Its aim is to facilitate good will, feed the masses and dance.

The night starts with a Wick Radio live broadcast with Grizzly Adams interviewing a member of the local community on their favourite 4 tracks, a luxury item and a book. Something we call “Fish Island Disks”.
This is then followed by a live performance and “pay-as you feel” supper club.
The night finishes up with a stella line up of DJs and a bit of dance.
● Be Nice Club operates by all team members (Chefs, wait staff, DJs) donating their time (4/8hrs) and suppliers donating produce to provide food at zero cost.
● This then gives the customer a choice on price or “Pay-as-you-feel” option. Because the meal has no price and there is no obligation to pay, people have the option to eat even if they have no money or be more generous, should they choose.
● All money taken on food goes towards Save Hackney Wick, a local organisation creating pressure on developers to retain the cultural integrity of Hackney Wick’s art community.
Its a great time to hang out on a lazy Tuesday canal-side and meet the community, hear great music and enjoy an affordable meal.
For details of each weekly Be Nice Club, follow Wick Radio and Stour Space Cafe over on Facebook and Instagram, and use the #beniceclub hashtag to share your photos 🙂

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