10.02.19 | Asanka Party

Asanka Party

London’s Exhilarating Cultural Party

Efie Events is a Ghanaian passionate event group that aspires to promote the rich Ghanaian and West African food and culture.

Our Asanka party comes with great excitement and fun. Once in a month at a secret location, we intend to provide all the attendees with an out of the ordinary cultural experience. The party would start by 6pm and go on until 1am on Sunday 10th February 2019. Asanka Party comes with traditional Ghanaian and West African cuisine, art and African old and modern music. The sensations you experience at this party will be one of a kind.

Sunday 10th Feb, 6pm-1am, Tickets available HERE

Asanka Party will also include and celebrate different forms of music that are inspired by our style. We aim to reflect and represent that boundaries and cultures are no barriers to enjoying food and music. Gear up to experience the greatest cultural party in London; anyone interested in food, art, music, travel, culture and fashion can attend; the electrifying atmosphere will  promise a memorable time.

London’s cool West African party is here to make your Sunday special. Asanka party is London’s finest early evening Afro beat party. If you wish to experience the stirring ambiance, get your tickets soon. Tickets are sold on first come, first served basis.

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