08.01.18 | Art & Aesthetics Club

Hello Stour Space Artists and Hackney Wick Neighbours,

We would like to invite you to join the Art & Aesthetics Club: A forum for the critical review and study of the Philosophy of Art, at Stour Space. Our first meeting will be on Monday the 8th of January at 7:30pm. We will then meet weekly or fortnightly — depending on what the numbers are like and how the scheduling suits everyone.

This group will be a great resource for artists who want to learn about theories of art, engage with abstract ideas and have philosophical discussions. I think a lot of the current literature in Philosophy of Art is relevant to practicing artists and creatives. Moreover, there is a lot artists can contribute to this field of philosophy, and we should really try to make that happen. So, I aim to begin with a selection of introductory texts that I have taught first-year students without any previous experience, and the articles we will read will be sent out in advance of the meeting with some guiding questions.

The topics in Philosophy of Art extend quite far but just to give you an idea: Some topics I am particularly interested in discussing with other artists are:

1) What is the nature of creativity?
2) What constitutes a work of art, i.e., what ingredients must it have to count as artwork; what makes art good art; who is in a position to tell?
3) What is a picture, and what differentiates the types of pictures from each other? (e.g. paintings vs. photographs)
4) What defines an artform; what counts as artistic medium and what doesn’t?

So, If you are interested in participating, let me know the following:
a) what items from the list above most interest you ?
b) what experience you have, if any
c) whether there are any topics you would like to discuss that are not on this list
d) whether you are interested but have reservations, shyness, scheduling conflicts, etc.

Ireally hope you will give it a try, and want to encourage anyone intellectually curious and open to the virtues of rational thought to come along.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Ines (Stour Studio 17)


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