27.07.2018 I Fundraiser Show for Kevin Headley’s Hotties


This performance night of DANCE, LIVE MUSIC and FASHION
is the first FUNDRAISING event organised towards our dear friend KEVIN HEADLEY’s last project for HOMELESSNESS before he sadly passed away in May. 

The Hot Water Bottle Back Pack “HOTTIES.” 
Is designed to keep homeless people warmer during next winter. 

We are inviting all friends and family of Kevin’s and supporters of this cause for Homelessness to join our team and bring their own skills to our charitable project. 

A £5 ( or more!!) recommended DONATIONS towards our “hottie “ will go the fabric for the making of more HOTTIES. 
Each contribution will help a HOMELESS PERSON FEEL WARMER and cared for next winter!!! 

Please come and all support our project ! 
in memory of Kevin Headley who devoted his life for : 
Homeless people ….in a very very Cold Country ….
and to continue his legacy towards a compassionate community where homeless are cared for. 

The PROGRAM for the night 
Will include : 

1/ Talks, demonstrations of our first prototypes of HOTTIES and promotions of our Charitable project.
From 7pm and throughout the evening. 

2/ A Special mini FASHION SHOW of extraordinary garments made by LATIFA NEYAZI.


4/ DJ sets by XUAN SINDEN who will present his own compositions as well as his favourite selections throughout the evening. 

5/ MAI & AMPERSAND will perform 2 sets of Butoh Dance & Noise. ( ambient industrial Noise ). 
Mai will perform with Latifa Neyazi’s dreamlike costumes. 
Set 1 at 9.
Set 2 at 10. 


ABOUT Mai Butoh Dance:
Mai Nguyen Tri is a Franco Vietnamese dance artist. For the last 20 years she has drawn inspiration from the waters, back and fro between Brittany coasts, salt marshes and the river, pools and canals of the East End of London. Mixing her Butoh dancing spirit with her passion for improvising with live music, she loves to express her intense movements and bring light to a space with explosiveness. Her creative nest is Hackney Wick where her soul could finally set home to bring together her many identities, her inspirations, the contradicting facets of her art between the rebellious and the polished of her Euro-Asian Zen/punk Butoh dance. Mai collaborated with musicians, film -makers and photographers and specialise in site specific and specialise in outdoor performances with live improvisation bands, such as fear Of Fluffing from Hackney Wick and Ampersand from Deptford. 

London based improvisers of industrial ambient noise, Ampersand are an improvisational sound ensemble. They have performed across Europe over the last nine years. They produce an experience of sound to envelop the audience in the act of the moment and the art of the moment. This uniquely pan-generational group utilises found objects, engineered metal, deconstructed traditional instruments and audio toys. Ampersand performances are always improvised, they arise thus from the moment, the place, the atmosphere, the occurrences of that day. The sound, and the experience of that sound are imposed on all the senses, to share with the audience a charged and super-layered emotional state. �Ampersand are Brian Bushell, Joseph Oldfield, Stephen Oldfield and Paul Wells.


MAI & AMPERSAND have performed together in numerous performing venues in the last 3 years: Crystal Palace Overground Festival in 2015, Lewisham Art House In 2016, Grow, Hackney Wick, in 2016, Minesweeper ship, Deptford Creek in 2015, 2016, Azart, Ship Of Fools, Amsterdam in 2016, Montague Arms, New Cross in 2017, Stour Space, Hackney Wick in 2017


Please come and all support our project ! In memory of Kevin Headley and in compassion for who Kevin devoted his life for : 
Homeless people ….in a very very Cold Country ….

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