26.06.18 I The Trampery Fish Island Village – Community Briefing


Times: 19:00 – 20:30



Over the next 3 years, The Trampery will open 50,000 square feet of low-cost studios in Fish Island Village, along with a wide range of shared facilities. At a moment when so many warehouses are being knocked down, we hope to provide a way for people who are losing their current studios to remain in the area. If we work together, we believe HWFI can still be a free-spirited, warm-hearted and inclusive creative district in 20 years’ time.

On 26th June, we’re hosting a small gathering at Stour Space. Everyone is welcome. We’ll share details of the studios including when each phase will open, what the prices will be and what support will be available. We’re looking for input on what equipment and facilities should be our top priorities. We’d also appreciate your suggestions on how The Trampery can best contribute to the HWFI community. Beer and juice will be laid on.

If you’re not familiar with The Trampery, we’re an independent social enterprise with no shareholders or investors and a mission to support small creative businesses. Earlier this year, we launched Trampery Pathways, a programme of free courses helping creative professionals develop their business in harmony with their life.

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