20.09.18 I The Bloody Poets: Deus Irae




Judgement Day is here and it´s our turn to be the judges. The old gods are dying and new ones are rising : Economy, Media, Internet. The modern individual finds himself torn by powerlessness and meaninglessness in a world of ashes.

With strands of ancient and modern mythology, this chapter of The Bloody Poets: Deus Irae/ God of Wrath evokes the day of the trumpet and alarm of the unsaved cast living the end of the world in a confrontation with the established norms.

Door open at 8 PM, the show starts at 8.30 PM. Tickets: £10
The Bloody Poets is a themed multidisciplinary event with a cabaret format where artists are invited to present acts inspired by the theme of the night. We explore a diversity of performing arts: spokenword, music, dance, visual arts, circus, butoh and more. 

They have presented so far four chapters: AfterWords, Victorian Anarchism, Re:Naissance and Inferno. 

Visit their website for more info: https://thebloodypoets.blogspot.com/

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