16.12.17 I Roots On The Corner #10

Roots Sensation present:
Roots On The Corner #10
From 8pm till 2am
Free before 10pm – £5 after
Powered by Sensation Sound System


Special guest Kibir La Amlak live dub mix !!!

The Dub Box Tour
Kibir La Amlak – Live

Kibir La Amlak is a record label, studio and sound system based in London, UK. Headed by JT, with his ‘Dub Box’ full of productions and releases spanning over a decade, this latest tour will see the discography, remixed, dubbed and reinterpreted live on stage. Expect a myriad of tape delay, spring reverb, sirens, echoes, steppers drum beats, nyahbingi percussion, hammond organ shuffles all mixed and blend into one dubwise sound scape.

Kibir La Amlak pay homage to the traditional sound system style whilst offering a respectful and unique twist of their own. As dub music journeys and grows into increasingly electronic and dance influenced forms Kibir La Amlak steadfastly hold onto the roots and culture that the scene was built upon.

A regular feature in top sound system arenas such as University of Dub and Teachings in Dub, Kibir La Amlak have earned a place alongside the greatest names in the sound system world and have rocked sessions all over the UK, Europe and beyond.

Roots Sensation

Roots Sensation is a producer and selecta who started his adventure in music around 2001.
His dj sets range from deep rare roots reggae, dub, to heavy steppas characterised by the unique use of echos, delays pedals effects and siren among his positive and spiritual message on the microphone.
Carrying a varieties of crispy dubplates and own featured productions, his selection is always a great experience full of positive vibes and a warm sound, with a special attention to the use of healing frequencies. In a every day research for roots rarities and new productions characterised by heavy bass line,
stepping roots drums reef and inspiring spiritual lyrics.
After moving to the UK in 2010 he started to become a regular name among the UK reggae scene working as a sound engineer recording vocals for songs and dubplates at his home studio.
Digging for old tunes to re-release, travelling to meet producers and make new connections and new productions in the name of freedom and love for this music culture.

Yugo Taguchi 

YUGO (Roots temple JP & Deltaforce sound Int) From Jahpan –
Yugo is a reggae selector / MC and Singjay from Yokohama, Japan. He represents 2 categories of sound : Delta Force sound since 2004, Roots temple JP since 2014 out of Yokohama Jahpan. Yugo has been playing music with Delta Force around Yokohama since 2004. Yugo later moved to London & spent some years exploring the UK reggae scene & building solid connections in the industry whilst working at historical Reggae record shops like Supertone in Brixton.

At the time Yugo met up with chazbo chong (Owner of roots temple/Bush chemist). On his return to Japan constantly, since then Yugo started to organize a Jahpan tour with Original bush Chemists crew (Chazbo Chong & Doggie Wardrop & King General) & also with Kenny knots and Carl Meeks. Also he organized the session for Naram (Jahtari/Colonel Mustard’s) from new Zealand. 

Yugo also released a mix CD in Japan with Kris Kemist, having linked with Reality Shock family in Reading UK. Yugo is currently expressing himself musically working on some digital dancehall influenced productions like Well Well Sound from Paris France, also spiritual music as roots temple productions & is available for bookings Roots temple, Delta Force Sound across Europe & worldwide.

Reuben GVC

Reuben GVC English-Jamaican Reggae Singer member of the band ‘Tribal and ‘Black Survivors’ after the release of the first album “Nations of the World in 1994” Black Survivors toured Spain, France, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Holland, and Jamaica.
Coming back in UK Ruben set up his own 24 track studio and worked arranging lyrics, lead and backing vocal for many bands and singers of the UK and Jamaican reggae scene. Working as well with all the major sound system in UK.

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