14.10.16 | Save Yourselves Exhibition Launch + Inhabit

Save Yourselves

This October 14th at Stour Space, Aida Wilde (Aida & The Glorious House of Brag) will once again assemble the ‘Lunatics’ from the recent takeover of the Lord Napier pub (Hackney Wicked 2016), bringing you an immersive, visual and historical experience. By sharing personal photos and archival images and footage with us, the local people of The Wick, Hackney WickEDand Save Hackney Wick have contributed to what promises not to be just another gallery show but an insight into this unique community past and present.


We kick off a regular party in the beautiful canal-side venue Stour Space. Friends and family will be gathering to have a good shakedown to celebrate the birthday of our host Shay El and also his longtime brothers Sam and Ben.

*Music* behind the rotary controls we have:
Thomas Lesnier aka Pegasvs
Shay El
Stour Space has a fully stock bar and we will have lots of funky, raw wines selected by Jack Fletcher to help us get loose!