11-14.10.18 I What Lies Beneath?

DATES: 11.10.2018 – 14.10.2018


DJs from 6pm on Thursday and Saturday


What lies beneath? 

This question brings up ideas about a basic human fear. The fear of the unknown, and the secret hidden mysteries that we don’t usually consider, see or encounter.
The combination of our fear and our inability to understand things was what ignited people’s imaginations and lead to fantastical stories of terrifying creatures from the deep that would drag people down to meet their fate in the murky waters. 
Fear throughout time has been something that shapes human behaviour.
We live in a world where information is more readily available than ever yet people close themselves off from new ideas, choosing consciously or unconsciously to remain in their bubbles of safety and familiarity. Our fear of the unfamiliar is reinforced at every opportunity. The technology and structures we have built keep us contained in a state of willing ignorance with artificial features of reality that have become increasingly intrinsic to our lives. In this age of uncertainty and individualism we find comfort in seeing ourselves reflected back to at us.
We exist within the comfort of our fictional realities, moulded by the institutions we are told to trust, protected from any ideas too challenging or contradictory by the algorithms we have created as barriers.
We live in images. We believe in them. We take decisions based on them. We act one way or another because of them. We don’t trust our instincts anymore, we trust what we see and what we are told, we believe our opinions are our own when really what is happening is that information is being cleverly fed to us in ways that make us think it was all our idea, and it seems it is in our nature to accept this reality. Our thoughts are not our own, not original, ideas are recycled, footage is replayed, content is re purposed.
We are lead to believe we have more freedom than ever before. Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of choice, freedom of information. Despite this we are increasingly contained and controlled as we willingly buy into this carefully constructed delusion.
In this exhibition we are coming together as a group of likeminded artists to explore these ideas through various mediums, we all found similar themes and ideas had come up for us based off the theme we had agreed on.

Artists from Kore Art Collective (@koreartcollective)
Holly Arnel-Thorpe (@hollyaillustration)
Mabe (@texturemateric / www.mattiabertolini.com)
Susanna Widmann (@susannatattoo / www.susannawidmann.com)
Laura Knox (@lauraknoxart)

Valentina Alice Biga (@biga.alice.valentina)

Noemi Lia Photography (@lia_soldado)
Tom Williams (@tomwilliamstattoosandtea)
adultcomics.me shemalevids.org incestgames.net
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