11.11.18 | A Story To Tell Creative Writing Workshop


Having a story to tell is one thing, being able to write it so that the audience is on the edge of the seat is another. What is it about story that has us biting our nails to the quick wanting to know what will happen next, or fills us with emotion, that rush of catharsis as we understand something about ourselves? 

November 11th, 3-5pm, free to join
This will be a free interactive class. There will be space to learn about the structure and craft of telling a story, to get some writing done, and to learn to read as a writer to improve your own work by feeding back on each other work. 
A week before the class I will post the element of craft we will be exploring and a small piece of homework relating to this that will take no more than 20 mins for you to bring to the workshop. 
The class will be monthly, low key, and the only cost will be a donation box to keep tea flowing freely for the afternoon. 

This month
The element of craft we will be exploring will be: Originality and Juxtaposition.

Please spend no more than 20 mins to come up with a premise for a story you’d like to write.

A premise is the central idea of story. So for instance a premise might be something like: a family go for a trip to the only theme pack with real life dinosaurs (brought back extinction via cloning). The husband and wife are deeply and unhappy with each other and considering divorce. The children are scared there parents will split up. Suddenly the dinosaurs escape, forcing the parents to confront all that is pushing them apart and all that holds them together as family. (Does this story sound familiar?)

The session will be run by:
Will Forrest who has completed a Masters in Creative Writing and whose novel Waking is under revision in preparation for auction by his agent. 
Please bring: 
 – Something to write with (laptop/pen & paper/ipad – but not a phone.)

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