09.12.17 I Disposition presents: London 4×4, a documentary on the techno scene and its place in London

Disposition presents: 
London 4×4
A documentary on the Techno scene and its place in London in 2016-2017.

Gareth Wild
Venice Calypso
Miss Wanna

London is not the first city that comes to mind when one thinks of techno. However, in recent years there is a big resurgence in this scene with new parties starting and others gaining more prominence on the local and international circuit. Disposition sat down with some of their favourite promoters and had a chat about the city, the scene and what they mean to each other with Britain going through its most significant political decision in modern history and a colourful and passionate international scene whose story is told in a variety of English accents. This resulted in a documentary that will premier at Stour Space on the 9th of December, followed by a party with the participants in the documentary to celebrate the thriving scene and the diversity of sounds and personalities who are tirelessly working to make it happen.

It is important to clearly note that this documentary does not make any claim for comprehensive representation of the scene in London, as there is simply a lot of activity which is too much for the two directors to capture for this project which is effectively a labour of love done in between other commitments and is not benefiting from any formal commissions or corporate backing.

Watch the first trailer featuring Polanski and Gareth Wild:

Link to Facebook event:



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